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About Dutch Biocatalysis Symposium 2020

Dutch Biocatalysis Symposium 2020

Dutch Biocatalysis Symposium 2020: BiocatNL-2020

Organised by the Applied Biocatalysis Working group – NBV

Location: online

Date: Friday 20th November 2020

Welcome to the second BiocatNL symposium organised by the working group Applied Biocatalysis of the Dutch Biotechnology Society (NBV). Biocatalysis is an active field of research in academic research groups and biotechnology companies in the Netherlands. To promote interactions of professionals in this field and to inform a broader audience, the symposium will showcase current research across several academic research groups and a biotechnology company in the Netherlands.

The programme consists of lectures from prominent academic group leaders and young researchers. Furthermore, there will be a lecture from the company InnoSyn. Young researchers (PhD students) are invited to give a pitch talk on their research. From the pitch-talk applications, 6 presenters will be selected.



Dr. Sandy Schmidt (RUG) “Illuminating biocatalysis: Using the power of light to drive enzymatic reactions”


Prof. Dr. Ulf Hanefeld (TUDelft) “Of moving metals and shifting stereoselectivities”


break 10 min


Dr. Vasilis Tseliou (UvA) “Engineering of amine and alcohol dehydrogenase activity from an ε-deaminating L-lysine dehydrogenase”


Dr. Roelant Hilgers (WUR) “Boosting degradation of lignin structures by laccase/mediator systems”


Gautier Bailleul (RUG) “Back to the past: reconstructing ancestral flavin-containing monooxygenases”


break 15 min


Pitches (4 minutes talks by early career researchers)


Dr. Martin Schürmann (InnoSyn) “Beyond NAD(P)H recycling: Biocatalytic process development and scale-up using high-value co-factors and co-substrates”


Opportunity for further discussions

To attend this symposium online, please register via this registration form.

Registration for NBV-members is free, otherwise costs are 25,- euros. To become NBV member, please go to