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About NBV Food & Biobased Technology event 2024

NBV Food & Biobased Technology event 2024

Biomanufacturing a healthier planet

The NBV workgroup Food and Biobased Technology invites you to join our technology event where professionals discuss the latest advancements in Biotechnology.

When: Wednesday 27 March 2024
Where: Bodec, Helmond

Registration is closed.


Download the programme flyer here

Our invited speakers include Prof Dr Jeroen Hugenholtz from NoPalm Ingredients, Mark van Loosdrecht from TU Delft, and Suzanne Klein Schiphorst and Steven De Boer from GEA Group!

There is a maximal capacity of 100 people and 80 for the tour in the Bodec facilities, so be sure to register now!

Jeroen Hugenholtz, founder of NoPalm, is pioneering for sustainable oil production. His work focuses on locally producing oil without resorting to deforestation, thus offering a more environmentally friendly alternative. By utilizing waste streams such as potato peels, extracted carrots, and other agricultural by-products, he has achieved remarkable results, including a 90% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 99% decrease in land usage compared to traditional palm oil production methods.

Mark van Loosdrecht focuses on converting organic waste streams into valuable products. He emphasizes the transformation of organic waste streams into high-value polymers, since these are easier to recover from the relative diluted wastewater flows. Polymers can be internal storage polymers such as polyhydroxyalkanoates. This material is a bioplastic that can replace current oil-based plastics. Bacteria can also produce extracellular polymers that have polyelectrolyte gel-forming properties. The current challenge is to develop a good value chain from wastewater to product.

Learn more about centrifugation processing with Steven de Boer and Suzanne Klein Schiphorst from GEA, who present a streamlined method for scaling up centrifuge processes from laboratory to full-scale operation. With smart spin test analysis and scale-up pre-tests under their guidance they fuel the innovative nature of process development. GEA equipment is present in the Bodec facilities, so don't forget to sign up for the tour or join the demo during the break session.

14:00 Walk-in / Networking
15:00 Kick off
15:15 Jeroen Hugenholtz, NoPalm Ingredients
15:45 Mark van Loosdrecht, TU Delft
16:15 Tour Bodec
17:15 Suzanne Klein-Schiphorst & Steven de Boer, GEA Group
Drinks & Snacks


Registration is free of charge for NBV members. Non-members pay € 35,-.

Registration is closed.