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About Food and Biobased Technology Event

Food and Biobased Technology Event

Value from sidestreams through bioprocessing

The NBV Food and Biobased Technology working group organises its annual event on 29 March 2023. The theme is: Value from sidestreams through bioprocessing.

Are you a biotech professional interested in food and biobased technologies? Or interested in turning side streams into valuable compounds using bioprocessing, come join our event!

The world is demanding a sustainable way of producing food and materials for our everyday life. We are becoming more aware of the impact our behavior has on the climate and our surroundings. By valorizing side streams using biotechnology we can contribute to a sustainable future and ensure future food production processes.

The Food and Biobased Technology workgroup organizes an event with three prestigious speakers that each contribute to a healthier planet. Looking for creative ideas to solve problems? This is your chance.


Nathalie Pixopoulou, Project Development Manager with a background in chemical engineering, will explain how to reduce CO2-emissions by transforming them into everyday products. With fermentation LanzaTech can create value while not competing with any food chain. You would be surprised where to find the applications of their technology in everyday life.

Richard Ravesloot, scientist downstream processing at DSM, will present CanolaPRO, which is an innovative product that drives the protein transition towards a plant-based solution. He will take you on his journey answering questions why they use canola as substrate. From the hurdles during development, towards the functionality as a product in our daily lives.

Corjan van den Berg, scientist in chemical engineering, will tell the story of Revyve (formerly known as FUMI Ingredients), a company specialized in production of egg-like protein. Starting on lab-scale in 2019 producing just enough to prove their concept they are now able to produce large quantities for commercial use. By simplifying concepts and by using smart techniques, Corjan was able to overcome obstacles most companies face while scaling up.

One thing all these companies have in common is their rapid growth. With biotechnology gaining popularity this sector is always looking for the right people on the right spot.

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NBV workgroup Food and Biobased Technology

The workgroup Food and Biobased Technology is a new NBV workgroup originating from the previous NBV work groups on downstream processing/product isolation and fermentation. The current representatives are:

Feel free to reach out to them in case you have any question or suggestions for future symposia.

Food & Biobased Technology event 2023