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About Free webinar: Sanger sequencing

Free webinar: Sanger sequencing

Sanger sequencing is one of the pillars of work in a molecular biology lab. Whether or not your time in the lab is limited due to current events, a convenient Sanger sequencing process optimised for fast and precise results is highly important. After all, your project could depend on it. In our upcoming webinar, we share our long-standing experience to help you achieve the best Sanger sequencing results within a minimum amount of time. Webinar topics:

  • How to choose the best-suited Sanger sequencing service from our portfolio according to your sample specificity and project design?
  • How to optimise your sample preparation and primer design?
  • How to read and understand results?
  • How to troubleshoot for optimal sequencing results?

+++ Exclusive for all participants of the live event: 1 hour follow-up consulting +++

Send us your questions and examples you would like to discuss in advance so they can be included in the webinar’s Q&A part. Join our upcoming free webinar and learn all you need to know about Sanger sequencing!

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