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Over 18th European Congress On Biotechnology

18th European Congress On Biotechnology

From 1st - 4th July 2018, Geneva will host ECB2018, the 40th anniversary of the longest running biotechnology Congress in Europe organised by the European Federation of Biotechnology. This will be celebrated by over 1,000 participants from industry, commerce, research institutes and academia. A full programme of plenary lectures and symposia speakers working at the cutting edge of red, white and green biotechnology can be viewed on the ECB2018 website: At the heart of the "Health Valley", Geneva is a leading hub of innovation. It is the commercial centre for >300 pharmaceutical, medical and biotechnology companies. Business development and commercial opportunities have been incorporated into the various sponsorship options to enable your organisation to enhance its position as a market leader within the biotechnology sector. As an added benefit if you reserve your sponsorship now you will have a choice of spaces within the exhibition area and also benefit from both 10 months pre-event publicity to approximately 30,000 individuals in addition to the 4 days of networking with the top executives from across the industry.

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