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Over Young NBV workgroup event ‘Towards a Bio-based Economy with Biotechnology’

Young NBV workgroup event ‘Towards a Bio-based Economy with Biotechnology’

Networking for young biotechnologists with food and drinks, the one and only biotechnology quiz 2018 and inspiring talks about biotechnology and bio-based economy by Dr. Kees de Gooijer and Prof. Jack Pronk.

During the evening of the 2nd of October 2018 young NBV will organize their yearly workgroup event for NBV members <35 years of age. This year’s theme is ‘Towards a Bio-based Economy with Biotechnology’. With climate change becoming more urgent, biotechnology can make a difference in industrial sustainability. There are many different applications of biotechnology that can drive the transition to a bio-based economy and during this evening we will discuss what biotech could do, is already doing and how you could contribute.

Jack Pronk, professor in industrial microbiology at TU Delft and Kees de Gooijer, general director of TKI Agri & Food and TKI Bio-based Economy, will give their view on this relevant topic and will tell you about their contribution.

Of course a young NBV event is not complete without food, drinks and time for networking. Therefore there will be a simple meal before we start and we will organize the biotechnology quiz 2018 to test your biotech knowledge, with prices to win! At the end of the event there will be drinks with more time for networking.

This event is free for young NBV members. You can apply by sending an e-mail to

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