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The Dutch Biotechnology Association (NBV) is the professional association for all professionals in the field of applied Life Sciences. A valuable network with over 1000 members from different disciplines; from the business sector to education. The NBV aims to stimulate professional activities and corporate social responsibility. Knowledge exchange and networking are the main factors. Apart from this, the NBV contributes to a balanced information disclosure about the utility, importance and societal meaning of the biotechnology.

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Farewell Symposium Sef Heijnen

Sef Heijnen.jpgTuesday 06 September 2016 12:54 Design of Bioprocesses: What did we learn, where to go?

17-18 November 2016, Delft, the Netherlands

Sef Heijnen is professor in the field of Biochemical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology since 1988. This year he will retire and on this occasion a farewell symposium will be organised, which will highlight the latest developments in his field of Biochemical Engineering research.

The symposium will take place on Thursday 17 November and Friday morning 18 November 2016. On Friday afternoon 18 November, 15:00h Sef will give his Farewell address as professor (valedictory speech) in the Aula of the TU Delft. full story

The 5th international onference on Novel Enzymes (INEC16)

NovelEnzymes2016.jpgMonday 05 September 2016 15:41 On October 11th-14th 2016 the 5th international conference on Novel Enzymes (INEC16) is organized in the Hampshire Hotel - Plaza Groningen. This conference aims to provide a forum for the presentation of the most exciting advances and new findings concerning enzymes. The conference is a continuation of the conference series on Novel Enzymes, of which the previous was held in 2014 in Ghent, Belgium. The goal of the current conference is to provide an overview on recent developments and future perspectives on enzymology research. Emphasis will be given to discovery of new enzymes, engineering approaches (including novel assays), and newly developed enzyme applications. full story

Young NBV founded

Femke Feenstra foto.jpgWednesday 03 August 2016 08:00 During the last board meeting it was decided that the NBV will be founding a new working group, called Young NBV. Young NBV will be the ninth working group of the NBV. The work group Young NBV is ... full story

KNCV Gouden Medaille 2016 voor Syuzanna Harutyunyan

Syuzi Harutyunyan-vierkant.jpgThursday 14 July 2016 14:51 Op 7 december wordt de KNCV Gouden Medaille 2016 uitgereikt aan prof. dr. Syuzanna Harutyunyan. De KNCV Gouden Medaille is de hoogste Nederlandse onderscheiding voor chemisch toptalent. De prijs wordt uitgereikt tijdens CHAINS, dé chemieconferentie in Nederland, die van 6 december tot en met 8 december a.s. plaatsvindt in Veldhoven. full story